Jenny Stewart- Branum is now a coach with Fit Bodies 4 Life. The will power and the strength she has is just unbelievable ! If you ever feel like quitting on yourself read this story!

Words can’t even express how proud I am of this amazing gal! Jenny Stewart Branum. In April 2015. ( first picture). She began working out with Kim at Fit Bodies Personal Training Studio, along with workouts , she followed the meal plan and eating clean. She began to see results and decided to compete in a show late 2016. In 2016 things were delayed, she found out she had a brain tumor, went through surgery and thankfully the tumor was benign. Her dedication to her health did not stop, she resumed her clean eating and started working out when she was able. April 22 2017. (2nd picture) she competed in her very first show. Jenny lost 40lbs, 24 1/2 inches and 12% Body Fat . What an inspiration she is, the will power of never giving up and the dedication she has is so amazing. This journey was not easy, the weight did not come off quick, but she kept at it and did not give up. Jenny is such a great role model for her little girl Maddie, displaying hard work, determination and never giving up on a goal. Maddie left her a note by her bed the night before her show:)

Kudos to you Jenny , I am so proud of you!