Linda Schroedter began her journey with Kim at Fit Bodies Personal Training Studio in March 2014. Along with working out Linda began the Customized Meal Plan that we offer at Fit Bodies.. This plan is Nutrition Coaching and Meal plans where you will know exactly what to eat and when! With in just 5 Months she lost 6% body fat and 7 1/2 inches. Linda began using AdvoCare supplements and The AdvoCare Sports Performance line in 2014, These products are used by athletes like Drew Brees, The Major League Soccer team and many NFL, MLB players are just a few examples. The sports line has products to help with recovery , energy, strength and performance! Linda just completed a 12 week challenge using these products and had amazing results in just 12 weeks. Since 2014 Linda has lost 9% body fat and 11 and 1/2 inches! What an inspiration she is to so many. Perfect example that age is just a number! Happy Birthday Linda I am so proud of you and the example you are setting for others! Kudos!