Congratulations! to Mandy Hustedde she has lost 134 lbs !! She is such an inspiration! Wow! Her journey began over 2 1/2 years ago! Never giving up ! She is determined. She follows the plan and keeps on keeping on! She used the 24 day challenge in 2015 and lost 14lbs in her 24 days. She eats clean and exercises! She is such a great role model for so many! I am so proud of you Mandy!

Here is her story:)

My journey began when I tipped the scales at 309….it is crazy to even admit that…but it is the truth….I knew I had to make some changes in my life or it would be short lived and miserable. I can honestly say my biggest motivation wasn’t trying to get into a certain clothing size or swimsuit… it was my beautiful girls!!! I wanted to be a positive healthy role model for them and be able to do things with them and mostly keep up with them!!! I first heard about Kim Lipe’s program from some ladies I went to church with. I was amazed at their results they achieved and thought I would try it for myself! Needless to say that was almost 2 and a half years ago and we are still going strong!!! I am currently at 175 lbs and I feel amazing! Kim gives me meal and exercise plans and keeps me a accountable! We tape and measure about every 4/6 weeks and switch things up. I love the flexibility and diversity in her program when it comes to nutrition and exercise! She has taught me that this is not just a diet….this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I am telling you now folks….if I can go from 309 lbs to 175 lbs without surgery anyone can!!! My best advice is to keep going and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!