Tricia Maulding is a 12 Week FB4L Challenge winner!! She lost 21 lbs and 40 inches in just 12 weeks! Amazing results! 

I did the Fit Bodies 4 life . 12 week program that included the 10 day detox diet and a meal plan with workouts. I am so happy with my results!! I have tried many diet programs and exercise and NEVER had these kind of results. I lost 21lbs and 40 inches!!! When I started this program I weighed more then when I was 9 months pregnant.  When I met with Kim and she weighed me and took my measurements. It was an eye opener for me!!! I was completely disappointed in myself. Everything Kim was saying made perfect sense.  You have to eat healthy and exercise to achieve your goal. I started the program the next day!! With the program I had AMAZING healthy delicious meals, so you are never in doubt about what to eat and it kept me on track. I was never hungry! I’m not going to lie the workouts were VERY hard at first but then I became addicted!! I now love my protein shakes and my muscle egg! I Wanted to share even though a little embarrassed of my before picture, and probably going to get some rolling of the eyes and negative talk about me from a few people. But I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and can’t wait to continue to see even better result. Thank you Kim Lipe, Stacie, and Snap fitness I couldn’t have achieved my goal without all of you!!