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    The ten week fit body transformation was a life changing experience for me. I was facing another defeated visit to my doctor. I was instructed to get my weight down and get daily exercise in. My cholesterol levels were out of control. I was facing medication. He gave me one more chance. I had a friend who did this program and had amazing results. We talked about it and I purchased the program. Kim Lipe contacted me set me up with a coach and was supportive in every way. The food choices are excellent and I love the fact that the plan is all figured out for me. I just meal prep and follow the plan. Included was my work out program, hard at first but I go each day now. Its a beautiful way to start your day. End results, total weight loss of 21 pounds and 19 inches off my body and NO Medication. I am working on the next loss. This program works and the support you receive is tremendous. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to see results and make lifestyle changes.

    Kim Thompson
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    Through 7 full weeks of the 10 week transformation program, I am currently down 18.5 pounds and a total of 15 inches. The meal plans are so easy to follow and allow for substitutions. Thanks to the great food prep and workout videos, I have been able to do this program on my own. The coaches are so helpful and encouraging. The results are incredible. I don’t miss the junk food and I love shopping for new, smaller, clothes!!

    Tammy Cain

    I had ankle surgery in August of 15. I had a few complications post-op which led into a few months with minimal activity. I work long hours as a nurse and usually eat when I can which leads to horrible eating habits. (Fast food, whatever is still left in cafeteria, or not eating at all). In may of 16 I decided to start walking. Started walking a few blocks at a time which led to a mile at a time gaining strength in my ankle.By October, I had lost 15 pounds and new I wanted more. I called Kim to work on diet and by the time I left I had an appt with Stacey. The most important thing I learned at Kim’s was to believe in myself . If I had a bad day with eating, I had to just get up and start again. I now take my food everyday to work and plan my meals. My goal is to get to my goal weight but to stay fit and eating right for life. I work long hours and have a very demanding job as a nursing director . I am a wife, mother, and grandmother– I had to make eating and working out and myself a priority. I drank soda all the time and that was the hardest to give up. I work out 2-3 days a week with Stacey and walk at least 3.5 miles a day.

    Tara Beck White

    I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I had my annual physical with my job on 3-20-17 and I weighed in at 154lbs. I had been up to 157. That’s my highest weight. I joined a gym 2 years ago, but not eating properly, so I wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. And I drank 4-6 20oz’s of SKI(soda) a day. I’ve followed Kim on FB and have seen some amazing results! So I visited Kim one afternoon, to get some insight about her program. That day, I had already drank 1/2 bottle of SKI on my way to see her. Well, I joined that day! And I still have my last bottle of SKI as a reminder of my start date. I’m 56 yrs old, a grandma of 2, and feel better than I have in a long time. The SUGAR highs/lows are gone. I don’t want to lay in bed all morning! I have energy to live my life! I feel good, get compliments all the time! I weighed 142lbs the day I met with Kim. But now, I am down 24lbs. Anyone who wants to change their life, can! Stay focused, and remember why your doing it! It’s all about you!

    Vikki Freske-Barackman