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Vikki Barackman

This is Vikki after 14 weeks of using our meal plan and workouts! Goes to show you age is...

Summer Robbins

Summer lost over 30 pounds and 16 ½ inches in just 12 weeks!  As a busy law student, she...

Stacie Webb

Stacie has transformed her overall health and has had amazing results through her dedication and commitment to the journey. ...

Shonda Ronen

Amazing Transformation. Shonda Ronen . She began at Fit Bodies Personal Training Studio in Oct. 2015. Along with weekly...

Sherry Schaefer

Sherry Schaefer has lost 13lbs 14 inches and 9% Body Fat. So excited for you Sherry. Sherry is 55...

Paula Gephart

In 12 weeks, Paula has lost 10 pounds, 5% body fat and 8 inches!

Paige Kirylo

I’m a registered nurse. I am also completing my masters degree in leadership and management. I don’t have kids,...

Mandy Hustedde

Congratulations! to Mandy Hustedde she has lost 134 lbs !! She is such an inspiration! Wow! Her journey began...

Lori Richards

Lori Richards lost 25 lbs in just 10 weeks! Amazing results!

Linda Schroedter

Linda Schroedter began her journey with Kim at Fit Bodies Personal Training Studio in March 2014. Along with working...

Kristen Mullen

Transformations are pouring in from our 10 Week Program we launched March 7th. www.fitbodies4life.fit Congratulations to this amazing gal Kristen Mullen...

Kim Thompson

Congratulations to Kim Thompson on her 10 week Transformation Results! 19 lbs and 16 inches! Kim just completed the...

Kelby McCoy

In just 12 weeks, Kelby has lost 25 pounds, 10% body fat, and 15 inches.

Kaylyn Kiper

Kaylyn has lost 16 lbs, 11 ½ inches and 6% body between these two photos taken 12 weeks apart.

Karen Creek

My fitness journey with Kim & Fit Bodies began in Jan. 2016. I was overweight and tired of being...

Karen Clark

Amazing Transformation! Congratulations to Karen Reeves Clark! Her transformation is so inspiring!  Karen has been dedicated to her health...



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