Do you struggle with cravings?

The #1 challenge I hear all the time from my clients is snacking on junk food!

The day starts off great with a healthy breakfast, snack and then lunch.

Then when the afternoon and evening hits, we begin to crave sugar and want to eat everything in site! What do we often reach for??? The cupcake or cookie!  Ugh! 

Now a cycle begins as we are mad at ourselves and feel guilty!  So we throw in the towel and eat MORE! 

Sound familiar?

Why does this happen and how do we push through this struggle?

First, stop feeling guilty and realize that a few cookies, or a cupcake is not the end of the world!  Don’t give up on your journey because you had 1 treat!

Let’s look at the reasons why you are having cravings?


#1 Low Energy

When you are tired, you will crave sugar.  The #1 source of fuel for our body is glucose and glucose comes from simple carbs!  Sugar!

When this happens to you!  Do a 5 – 10 minute workout!  Drink plenty of water. 

Grab something healthier first like a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, wait 10 minutes and if you still want that cookie or cupcake, eat it and move on!   

#2 Stress

When you feel stressed you might grab foods as they make us feel better!  But , then we feel more stressed as now we feel we have failed on our plan, so we keep on eating. This becomes a cycle over and over! 

When you feel stressed, instead of grabbing food to make you feel good, do a yoga class, take a bubble bath,  get a massage, read a book and just relax. 


#3 Busy

When you are a busy bee running all over, you will be likely to not prepare or maybe even forget to eat.  Then at night we eat everything insight as we are starved!  Willpower is weak when you are starving!

The key is to follow a well planned meal plan that keeps your sugar levels even.  Meal prep and being prepared is very important.   Plan 2 days a week that you will take 1 hour to make sure you have good food, snacks planned.  Too busy to cook?  Use the crockpot, the insta-pot to make meal prep easy, 

#4 Peer Pressure

When faced with social events, enjoy in moderation, but don’t fall completely off the plan.  Take a healthier dish to snack on.  It’s important to realize there will always be events, holidays, so don’t wait to start your journey because of them.  You will never start! 

Remember fitness and health should be a part of your life but not all of your life. 

Moderation and consistency is living the lifestyle…GUILT FREE!

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