I get tons of questions on how to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle and how to be consistent with workouts and meal plans….

And how to NOT become overwhelmed with everything.

Ever thought to yourself…

“I’m so excited! I can do this!” and then things quickly shift to, “Oh man, I have to do this every day? I have to work out for how long? Cardio too!? And a meal plan? Forever!?”

It can become really overwhelming, really fast. This is where 99% of us give up and throw in the towel. I want to share with my personal secrets to consistency.

STOP doubting yourself.

STOP making yourself miserable.

STOP beating yourself up.


I use these same tips, even today, almost 10 years after beginning my fitness journey. Continue reading below to learn how to eliminate the misery and enjoy your journey again!


When I began my journey, I just wanted to lose weight and feel better. Every year, I kept gaining more and more weight and I knew I had to put a stop to it. Plus, I was miserable! I wanted out of that lifestyle. Instead of overwhelming myself with everything all at once, I picked 3 things to focus on, and I’m sharing them with you below.


#1 My Future SelfMy mind was focused on achieving a specific desire I had for myself.

I set goals and I didn’t compare myself to other people. I only focused on what I wanted, which was having an athletic figure.

So, whenever I felt procrastination trying to take over, I had to break through that with a strong reason WHY I wanted to reach my goals.

  • Confidence
  • To be a role model
  • A healthy body
  • Energy every day

Then I would ask myself this, “If I keep doing what I’m doing right now, will I reach my goals?” That question almost always helped me to make the right decision.

  • Go to the gym
  • Plan out your meals for tomorrow
  • Get the extra hour of sleep
  • Drink the gallon of water

When you make the right decision, the emotion of procrastination diminishes, and on the other side comes…


#2 Commitmentto myself, to yourself.

 The commitment continues to grow every time you stop making excuses or allowing procrastination to take over.

As you keep feeding commitment, consistency grows.

  • To go to the gym
  • To follow the meal plan

With consistency and commitment, good/healthy habits form.


#3 Healthy Habits are formed when you eliminate what does not serve your future self, such as excuses and procrastination.

Take action on what does help you reach your goals, commit yourself to those actions, and stay consistent with them!

Basically, I like to say this..

Show up for yourself every single day.

If you focus on eliminating excuses and taking action toward your goals every day, you will be one step closer to achieving what you want.

Instead of overwhelming myself by thinking about everything I have to in order to reach my end goal, I focus on those 3 important components.

It’s all possible for you.

 Your goals.

Your journey.

Your results.

Taking action will get you one step closer to achieving what you want!

 We can do this together!

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