Summertime Drinks that Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Summertime Drinks that Won’t Ruin Your Diet


It’s summertime and you’re spending more time out in the hot sun working up a thirst. One of the biggest mistakes we make while trying to lose or maintain our weight is consuming mindless calories through drinks. What you choose to quench your thirst can either make or break your fat loss efforts!

Here’s a few “diet-friendly” drinks you can enjoy while doing yard work, relaxing at a picnic, or socializing at a party.


Iced Tea

Classic iced tea! Plain iced tea has 0 calories and is a great drink choice for us calorie-conscious ladies. If you don’t have a taste for unsweetened tea, try adding in some Splenda or Stevia to sweeten it up, but stay away from sugar.

Tip: Add lemon for a fresh and refreshing flavor!


Iced Coffee

Not the kind you get from Starbucks. Regular restaurant-made iced coffees or full of cream and sugar. Try making your own or asking for a custom order at the coffee shop to avoid all the unnecessary ingredients and calories.

Tip: Opt for almond milk creamer or fat-free creamer and use 0-calorie sweetener instead of sugar. Try adding protein powder or a SkinnyGirl 0-calorie syrup for some extra flavor!


Seltzer Water with Fruit

You can’t go wrong with water and fruit. Fruit will add such a refreshing and natural flavor to your bubbly water.

Tip: avoid flavor drops and flavor packets as they contain harmful ingredients. Fresh is always better!


Super Reds Slushie

Enjoy a refreshing and tasty slushie while consuming superfoods!

Simply mix water and your Super Reds powder in a blender with fresh strawberries and blend away!

 Tip: Add a slice of lime for a kick of flavor!


For the Adult Beverage Lover

If you like to enjoy a cocktail every once in a while, here are some great recipes to try!

Keep in mind, the calories in alcohol aren’t as important as its effect on our metabolism. When alcohol is consumed, fat-burning comes to a halt. Since it’s recognized by the body as a toxin, getting rid of alcohol becomes the main focus of our metabolism, thus, putting the brakes on fat-burning.

Like anything else, in moderation drinking will not ruin your diet! Be cautious of the calories you are consuming and avoid bad food choices.



Vodka & Lime Soda

Vodka is lower in calories than many other liquors and has 0 carbohydrates. Mix that with some seltzer water, ice, and a slice of lime, and you have yourself a delicious, diet-approved cocktail!


Spiked Strawberry Spritzer

Vodka, a splash of LaCroix’s Apple Berry seltzer, and fresh strawberries make the perfect low-cal summer drink!


Skinny Peach Mojitos

Fresh diced peaches, muddled mint, white rum, simple syrup, and lemon-flavored seltzer water is the perfect way to satisfy your thirst and your sweet tooth!


Tequila Limeade

This low-sugar drink is made with tequila, limeade, mint, and seltzer water. Simple, delicious, and diet-friendly!

Food isn’t the only thing with calories. If you’re not careful, you could be consuming 1,300 calories in drinks alone each day! Be conscious of everything that goes into your body if you are wanting to lose weight and keep it off.

You can enjoy delicious drinks this summer without ruining your waistline. Swap out your typical sugary drinks with these recipes and keep moving toward your weight loss goals!

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