What I Eat in a Day: Foods that Fuel the Body

First thing’s first…I don’t DIET. I only choose meal plans I can stick with for a long period of time. What is the point of dieting and restricting yourself for a short period, just to return to your old eating habits and gaining back any weight you may have lost? Extreme diets don’t work for the long term. I believe in eating a well-rounded diet full of whole foods rich in vitamins and nutrients and not restricting anyone macronutrient or food group. By doing this, I am able to stay lean without feeling restricted or hungry!

Let’s take a peek into my typical day of eating.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with Fruit *recipe at the bottom of the page
  • Snack: Apple with 1 TBS Nut Butter
  • Lunch: 4 oz Lean Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
  • Snack: Plant-Based Protein Shake
  • Dinner: Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry *recipe at the bottom of the page
  • Snack: (optional) 1 C Muscle Egg Protein

How do I structure my meals?

My 2 Essential Rules:

#1) While I don’t cut carbs out of my diet completely, I do keep them earlier in the day. The body burns carbs for energy, so keeping them earlier in the day allows your body to burn through them.

#2) I make sure to always pair my carbs with proteins. Carbs are sugar and when they aren’t accompanied by a protein during digestion, blood sugar levels rise and descend quicker. Protein will slow the digestion and absorption of the carb (sugar) into the bloodstream. When blood sugar levels stay even, you remain fuller for longer.

Why do I eat 5-6 smaller meals/snacks instead of 3 bigger ones?

Food is fuel for the body; like gasoline in a car. If you continue to fuel it and not let it go empty (or hungry), the engine will perform better and burn fuel more efficiently. i.e. Frequent meals or snacks keep your metabolism burning through calories all day long and keeps blood sugar levels steady.

Starving yourself is NOT the key to being fit and lean. Eating the right foods at the right time is the key. This is how you get RESULTS.

If you’re interested in a meal plan, send us an email and one of our qualified coaches will find what’s right for you! info@fitbodies4life.fit

Ready to give your booty a burn!?

Try this quick workout!

 (bands are recommended but not required)

  • Band Deadlifts – 30 reps (do hip thrusts if you don’t have a band)
  • Triple Butt Burner – 10 reps each side (1 rep is a reverse lunge, curtsy lunge, single leg deadlift)
  • Reverse Frog Pumps – 30 reps
  • Elevated Donkey Kicks – 8 reps each side

Repeat 3+ rounds for maximum booty burn!

Click here to watch!


Oatmeal with Fruit (single serving)

You need:

½ C oats

¾ C strawberries

¾ C blueberries

1 TBS sliced raw almonds

Hot water

How to:

Add all ingredients in a bowl and mix.


Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry (single serving)

You need:

4 oz grilled chicken breast

2 C stir fry veggies

2 TBS Low Sodium Teriyaki Sauce (Mrs. Dash or Coconut Aminos)

How to:

Shred chicken.

Saute chicken and veggies in a skillet in teriyaki sauce.


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Love, Kim




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